Sustainability at MAT Health Clinic

Our ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability is making a difference. This is your opportunity to contribute to the future well-being of both our practice and society.

“Small actions can make a big difference”

New to MHC and wondering what you can do to be more sustainable at the clinic? Here’s some simple ideas.

Sustainability Tips

1. Embrace Minimalism & Recycle

Ditch disposables and go plastic free! Avoid collecting stuff and focus on having items you need or love. Try bringing your lunch in a reusable container rather than a disposable one. Rather than using plastic disposable cutlery, use the cutlery provided in our staff room.

2. Hug Your Mug

Using your own refillable cups avoids millions of disposable cups going into landfill each year. Don’t have a cup? We have cups in the staff room for you to use.

3. BYO Water Bottle

Bring your own refillable water bottle or refill at our FREE water filter urn in the staff room. Fresh and free, all-day every-day!

4. Eat Sustainable Food

Dine mindfully on sustainable foods that are good for you and the planet! Think local, minimally processed and ethical. Try a meat-free day each week.

5. Walk, Cycle or Public Transport

Walk or cycle to work to be fit, active and eco-friendly! We have a secure bike lock up shed to keep your bike safe and dry. With the local train station across the road and a bi

6. Care for our Wildlife

Being surrounded by bushland, possums, bush-turkey’s and koala’s are common sightings. Our furry and feathered friends can be cure, but it’s not a good idea to leave food unattended. Call for assistance from a carer if you find an injured animal at MAT Health Clinic.

What’s our Action Plan? Click Here

Recycling and waste

  • Reduce your paper usage – think before you print
  • Reuse before you recycle or dispose of an item
  • Recycle before you dispose of an item

Recycling options include paper, cardboard, and mixed recycling (plastics, cans and bottles).

Health and Well Being

MHC Well being strategies provide patients and staff with access to information, resources and facilities to support their wellbeing across four key areas: healthy lifestyle, community, minds and places. 

Green Office Program

  • Raises environmental awareness.
  • Reduces the amount of recyclables going to landfill.
  • Reduces energy and water consumption.
  • Increases the purchase of environmentally preferred products.

How we connect & Collaborate?

We provide new employee orientation, teach employees about the company’s environmental goals and why they matter. Train employees on issues specific to their jobs, such as waste management, health and safety, and sustainable procurement.

Working in teams makes employees more responsible and it also raises their motivation level.  Team members working in collaboration with each other will always have an opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and failures. Our team meets the second Tuesday of every month for an online group discussion. We encourage everyone to participate in discussion, for those who lack confidence in speaking up, please find our Blog post on this topic here.

At MHC we use the following methods to communicate.

  • Microsoft Teams – this helps us provide an online platform for our team to work and chat.
  • Zoom – this allows online one-to-one chat sessions that can grow into group calls, training sessions and webinars
  • Discussions – this helps you get feedback from your colleagues.  
  • Announcements – this helps us share company news, updates, or announcements. 
  • Website – this helps us share information online
  • Project Manager – Software that helps us plan, schedule, track and report activities. 
  • Team meetings – this helps us all come together in the one place
  • Suggestion Box – A suggestion box can encourage employees to anonymously voice concerns, problems or issues they are uncomfortable discussing in a group setting or putting in writing.
  • Reports – All documents relating to Sustainability and energy usage must be filed in the REPORTS folder located in the shared drive of MAT Health Clinic to enable it to be viewed by all staff.



MAT Health Clinic Sustainability Action Plan View Here

Policies, Codes of Practice and Guidelines

MAT Health Clinic Sustainability Policy View here

MAT Health Clinic Waste Management Policy and Procedure View here

Codes of practice can be found at WorkSafe QLD Click here

Department of Environment and Science Enforcement Guidelines Click here

ISO Standards Click here

Standards Australia Click here


Risk Assessment View Here

Employee Incident Report View Here

All documents relating to Sustainability and energy usage must be filed in the REPORTS folder located in the shared drive of MAT Health Clinic to enable it to be viewed by all staff.

Report an Issue

All workers must report sustainability issues or breaches to the appropriate personnel, such as a supervisor, manager, health and safety representative, or business owner. The method of reporting could be verbally, via a hazard/incident report form or during a team meeting.

If the incident presents an immediate threat to human health or property, such as a large chemical spill, emergency services should be phoned on 000.

Help us improve

We not only like having our staff provide feedback or ideas about our sustainability goals, we encourage it. Below is your opportunity to get involved in making our workplace and our planet, a better place to be.