Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE acts as a barrier between the person and the biological agent reducing the risk of getting infected.

Face Shields and Goggles

Eyes, nose and mouth are the most susceptible organs since the droplets generated by cough or sneeze of a person reach the other person through it. The protection of the eyes/nose/mouth by using face shields or goggles is an essential part of standard and contact precautions.

Gowns and Approns

Gowns are used mainly to protect the healthcare workers who are at the continuous risk of getting infected. By using proper protective clothing, it is possible to eliminate or reduce contact and droplet exposure, thus protecting healthcare workers

Face Masks

Protecting the airway from viruses generated by droplets/aerosols prevents human infection. Masks are crucial for everyone to protect oneself and the other person as well. Masks can be of different types depending upon your profession and work. Triple-layered medical masks are disposable masks that prevent the wearer from getting infected. Then, there are N-95 masks that must be worn by the people in essential services and at a higher risk of getting the infection.