B = Behaviour

Some common behaviours of concern for people living with dementia include:

Catastrophic reaction: Over-reaction to trivial matters; this may result in weeping, screaming or unreasonable accusations.

Repetitive behaviour: Compulsion to follow relatives or staff asking the same questions over and over.

Hoarding: Hoarding all sort of items for safe keeping. Often accusing others of stealing their precious possessions.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour: Loss of inhibitions and the consequent lack of awareness of the rules of appropriate behaviour.

Aggressiveness: Physical (pushing, hitting) or verbal (abusive language).

Paranoia/Suspicion: Often suspicious of staff and neighbours; they imagine that people are plotting against them.

Wandering: Aimless or purposeful wandering that can result in getting lost, leaving a safe environment or intruding in inappropriate places.

Restlessness: Pacing and fidgeting; this could be due to thirst, pain, medication side effects or even boredom, stress, noise, lack of exercises.

Screaming and shouting: Calling out continuously or weeping and whimpering for extended periods of time. (Sometimes this behaviour is a result of brain damage or hallucinations and medical assistance is needed)

Sundowning: An end-of-day confusion and restlessness that manifests as dusk approaches.